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On September 22, 1950, Ralph Bunche received the Nobel Prize—the first African-American and the first person of color in the world to be so honored. He was awarded the Nobel Prize for Peace for his successful mediation of a series of armistice agreements between the new nation of Israel and its Arab neighbors Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, and Syria. It remains the only time that all the parties to the Middle East conflict signed armistice agreements with Israel. #TodayInBlackHistory

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Ralph J. Bunche, director of the UN Trusteeship division (and former professor of political science at Howard University), was awarded the Nobel Peace prize (September 22, 1950) for successful mediation of the Palestine conflict. He was the first African American to receive The Nobel Peace citation.

December 10, 1950 (Ralph Bunche) & Dr Martin Luther King (1964) received the Nobel Peace Prize (Mr Bunche was the 1st African American to receive the award)!!

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Dr. Ralph J. Bunche was the first African-Descent American to win the Nobel Peace Prize, in 1950 for his efforts to make the United Nations an effective Conflict Free Conflict Resolution leader

Ralph Bunche is the first African American Nobel Peace Prize winner. He was awarded in 1950 for his successful mediation of a ceasefire between four Arab nations and the State of Israel. (photo: Ralph Bunche Carl Van Vechten Photographs Collection, Library of Congress)

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