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American Black Bear (c) Robbin D. Knapp

American Black Bear (c) Robbin D.


~~Intensity ~ Bald Eagle ~ Dutch Harbor, Alaska by lanebrain photography~~. //Look at those amazing eyes, beautiful EL//


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"Ramps, A. tricoccum, (try-KOK-um) right, are also in the onion family, and very common in Appalachia. Farther north they are called “wild leeks.”  Unlike onions and garlic, ramps have wide leaves but are used the same way."

caption align=aligncenter Wild Onions/Garlic and Spiderwort growing along the road near Ocala Florida. Photo by Green Deane/caption Allium canadense: The Stinking Rose

~Spring Forward~

Holly Kennedy, love the bird's nest and robin's egg blue eggs.

Come along on my journey as I garden, bake, create, and rejoice in my Hippy Homemaker way of life.

The Hippy Homemaker: Easy DIY Bird Bath l. -- use bird seed for a bird feeder instead of bird bath.

Appalachian ginseng with seed:  Ok, this is not a tree but a very valued plant that grows in isolated conditions on rich, well-drained soils under an American deciduous hardwood forest. This particular patch was located along a small creek in western North Carolina but was plundered by poachers in 2002.

Find and Harvest American Ginseng