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The right question and the right time can provoke so much. So let me ask you lovely kin 'how are you?' #theleapstories #ofkin @theinklingeffect

A day to celebrate love. We're down with that. But give it to yourself first and then spread it around to your #galentines #palentines #puppytines and any other tines that come your way. Big love today and everyday beautiful kin. by the loved @dominimarshall

Love letter posting day. It's the best kind of day. In coming #onefinebusiness kin!! #ofkin @onefinebusiness

Only in the agony of parting do we look into the depths of love. George Eliot Our hearts were with Kylie and her family today as she said farewell to her beloved father. The Of Kin family send you all a huge hug and shower you with love. Binny & Dom xx

#theleapstories / I'm pretty sure we all struggle with #ImposterSyndrome at some point. I think Cyan's strategy of having two manifestos to go when it rears its head is pretty handy. I'd love to know how do you deal with it... #ofkin @envato #cyantaeed

Don't forget about the @glowpearco exclusive Of Kin discount which might come in handy for green thumb mums (it's Mother's Day next Sunday!). EXCLUSIVE DISCOUNT!Cofounder Lloyd is generously offering all Of Kin readers 10% off your @glowpearco order using the code glowkin. This code is available exclusively to YOU lovely kin and is only available for a limited time. #ofkin #greenliving #homegrown #sustainabledesign #growyourownfood #organicgardening

Good morning! Yep slept sideways in the king size. Looking forward to a great #contentkin workshop at @junctionmoama today. See you soon lovely kin!

The question then is what do really want? Before I made my leap I had a yearning to get out from behind my desk connect with a wide range of creatives always be learning work great projects create beautiful 'things' honour my need for rest and play and humanise my work. I didn't know what form that would take but I set my compass and followed the signs. Today I have breakfast with passionate bloggers I'll be interviewing independent creative business owners from around the country producing…

LAST DAY FOR PREORDER BONUSES | Lovely hearts today is the last day to preorder #theleapstoriesbook and receive a swag of bonuses. (Link in profile) . I've tapped into the founders behind @canva @kikki.k @tomorganic @ygap @eastonpearson and @bonnieandneil as well as the go getters behind @thecatempire @coffeeoncue @offscreenmag @theequalityinstitute @petrinaturnerdesign and serial leap takers @keminekvapil and @carolyn_tate123. . Explore how they made their leaps in the face of uncertainty…