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On Monday morning, I set about to bake some homemade pita bread. Historically, I'm not the greatest baker. Lopsided cakes, brick-like loaves of bread, and a batch of very ugly donuts (as well as many other oven atrocities) can all attest to this fact. I chose a super simple recipe, followed it to…

This combination of flours gives you quintessential baking results for pie crust, cake, doughnuts, pancakes, waffles, pizza, even white sauce. No gums in this mix. Make a big batch and use it cup-for-cup as you used to use regular flour. We're no longer gluten-free, dairy-free bakers. Now we're just Bakers!!

Make a batch of these apple cider donuts. Eat them while walking though an orchard. Or the closest city park.

These soft, cake-like gluten-free protein donuts are not only moist and delicious; they also sneak in 6 servings of greens, protein, vitamin and minerals in every batch!

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