The big schooners, sloops and frigates that played such an important role in the history of the Great Lakes are a colorful part of Traverse City’s landscape. In fact, Traverse City has more of these imposing sailing vessels than any other port in Michigan

Maybe not anymore but I still love this

The lake-effected area of northwestern Michigan, especially around Grand Traverse Bay, is currently known for cherry orchards. There are untold thousands of acres of farmland dedicated to cherries in northern Michigan and several processing plants specializing in cherry production. All one has to do for proof of this fact is travel along US 31 from Grawn to Charlevoix and note the picaresque orchards surrounding roadside markets, farmhouses, resorts, lakes, sandy beaches, and white concrete…

Paddle a kayak between 6 different breweries on Traverse City beer tour | The event has grown to 1,500 attendees in three years.

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