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Facebook Twitter Google+ This wasn’t a squeaker, this wasn’t even close. That’s a whole lot of  deplorables. The voiceless had their day. Today, America is great again. Source: NY Times. All states: The Washington Post  eats crow: Donald Trump is the president-elect of the United States of America, and he did it by completely blowing...

I would have been willing to sacrifice the Cubs' pennant for a better election result. It doesn't make up for the sheer disaster that is November 2016.

Change is Coming, I'm looking forward to a First Lady who respects her role as First Lady, not her vacation clothes.

Yeah, you show 'em by supporting their business with your hard-earned money. Lol. Seriously, is this the mentalitiy of Trump supporters? Go to a business where workers make minimum wage, try to make their day more difficult than it already is, and spend your money supporting that business. No wonder America is going down.


The New Triumph Bobber – First Ride

The New Triumph Bobber – First Ride. We're just adding a new entry to our ‘2016's most obvious facts’ list. Right below the lines that say “The American Election goes for too long,” and “David Bowie was pretty good,” we've just added a fresh entry. It reads “Triumph Motorcycles is having an amazing year.” Even if we disregard their triple cylinder and off-road...

Obama’s Legacy may be over now that Trump, who ran on ending Obamacare and cancelling executive orders, has been elected.

Tom Toles Editorial Cartoon, November 25, 2016 on

We're having a " HUGE " Party - YES, that's what is called - The "HUGE" Party on January 21st. 2017 - 300 people so far have all returned their Confirmations from their Formal RVSP Invitations. We've invited 350 guests...