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Texas Tradition,Southern Style

Filament Restaurant is serving up Southern fare with a twist in the heart of Deep Ellum. The menu is focused on wood-fired, Texas-style dishes, each with a globally influenced accent. The second venture from celebrity chef Matt McCallister is a relaxed, rustic farm-to-plate affair. Filament enlivens the neighborhood to its former glory, respecting the traditional staples while also forging new paths in modern Southern cuisine. #intelydine

Sonterra Blue upscale apartments exemplify luxurious southern hospitality with a unique twist of subdued modern grandeur. Positioned with poise and superfluity, Sonterra boasts a Stone Oak address, which adds to the splendor of its already apparent opulence. Sonterra Blue entrances the spirit through expressions of culture, a familiar friendly attitude and luxurious extravagance. Come experience the essence of San Antonio where good people and great atmosphere rule. Warmth, character, and…

Kate Padgitt of A Lonestar State of Southern is the embodiment of southern sweetness. The Dallas-based, University of Texas student presents her followers with “a perfect collaboration of Southern style and Texan tradition,” sharing a fashion approach that falls where cowboy boots meet pastels and seersucker.

Texas Escondido Idea House Tour - Southern Living - Taking a cue from traditional Texas style, our Escondido Idea House elegantly pairs old-world sensibilities with laid-back lakeside living. Return to the Escondido Idea House Main Page

I'm down with all this, but lets just leave it with plain ole' ice tea (no sugar) and it's sheer perfections.

King Ranch! The largest ranch in the United States. With a working area larger than Rhode Island. A lot of Texas made history here. If you like to learn more, here is a link from the King Ranch website http://www.king-ranch.com/legacy_overview.html

2009 Texas Idea House Family Room Artwork - Texas Coastal Idea House Tour - Southern Living Beach House Character Add Instant Character Give a brand-new house lived-in personality with walls covered in horizontal shiplap planking. Whitewashed for a casual look and coated with polyurethane to protect the finish, Tarpon Run’s planked walls evoke the ageless character of old Gulf-front beach houses. The horizontal lines mimic the outside railings and add texture to the large living spaces.

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