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That's love: Eagles covered in snow protect eggs

You can barely see the head of a bald eagle, with snow reaching past its neck, protecting eggs in the storm.

Because all gives some and Some Gives All! They fight for your freedom, so yes it's your choice to stand or not, but it's with great respect to our veterans and those in service now, that we stand. America is the greatest county in the world.....but for how long? We're falling fast and hard. May God help us! ...and He will..when we repent and turn to Him!

from The Huffington Post

How To Make Divorce Less Stressful For Your Kids

As the rational parent, i wish others would understand this very simple principle. This is what hurts children.

It's because he was protecting his baby badgers>^•^<

I AM DYING AND THIS IS WHY | Complete, respectful silence followed by thunderous applause. Because you know by the time Steve showed up, Bucky had intimidated, bribed, and/or collected blackmail material on every soldier in his unit. I can just see him sitting there with his arms folded, like, "Yeah, you'd BETTER buy those bonds ..."


Three Ways to De-Clutter Your Kids' Rooms

I'm in need of this protection lately. A lot of people "not intending to step on toes". Yes, they know what they are doing is wrong, but choose to do it anyway.

That may be true, HOWEVER, Severus went to great lengths to protect Harry until he was ready to fight Voldemort. The way I see it, Snape never hated Harry. Snape being mean to Harry was just an act in my eyes, so that he could play his "devotion to Voldemort" even better. In the end, Severus did all he could to protect Harry just because of Lily. I think that means something.

For the second to last Para, because it is just so random, lol <--Previous Pinner has obviously never seen "Attack on Titan Abridged."<--And I, Minako Sapphire Ai Saran, am laughing my ass off while imagining this! YES!!

OMG SO IM NOT THE ONLY ONE!!! I SAW THE DUDE WHEN I FIRST WATCHED THIS ANIME!! first thing I thought: markaplier?!?!

Introvert. People really misunderstand me, just because I am friendly and like people they assume that I am always so friendly. But without my alone time I have no energy, feel depressed and sometimes get angry. Meditation is the answer. Twice a day everyday. keep the positivity