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My biggest grammar pet peeve as all my past students should know!! You must say "I have seen" or "I saw"...NOT "I seen" UGH!!!!!..and I know a few adults to speak this way! Double UGH!!!

words to live by!!! Surround yourself with people who see, recognize, and appreciate your worth. You don't need too many people to be happy, just a few, but the real ones who can cherish you for who you are............. Angela from www.calligraphyby...

This sentence has been rephrased so many times... This is the only accurate rendition I've found thus far. I don't care if the guy loves me or if he has milk and cookies or what. If he truly loves me, he's not gonna wake me up at 3 am with a text message.

18 year old from new jersey learning how to love myself again and recover from an eating disorder. height: highest weight: 175 (December current weight: i no longer have goal weights. i just want to be happy, healthy, and fit. if you know me outside...

I'm sooo glad i made a board to put all the stuff i've already made on, and i always try to add notes on how it turned out, what i changed, etc.....now, just trying to figure out how i REALLY could get an applause for all my 'successes' :)

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