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How To Be More Confident At Work - FORBES

How To Be More Confident At Work

3 Things to Start Doing Now That Will Help You Land Your Next Job

7 Secrets About Dating an INTJ Personality Type

While INTJ men can generally fit in with other men, many INTJ women don’t fit in with other women—or with anyone at all.

Listen to Susan Cain & head of our Quiet Learning Institute, Kate Earle, on harnessing the strengths of introverts to change how we work, lead, & innovate.

Susan Cain Talks about Work and Leadership

Left brain Vs. Right Brain

Right Brain vs Left Brain Left brain people: process info in a linear manner, identify important details, are analytical, move in a sequential order, and use logic to solve problems. Right brain.

Dinosaurs and Myers Briggs. What more could one ask for?  ~Created by Drew Harrison  MBTI

I got my favorite dinosaur: Tyrannosaurus rex! Dinosaurs and Myers Briggs. ~Created by Drew Harrison MBTI

INTJs are brilliant individuals who can reason their way through just about any situation – except social situations. Before their introverted feeling is developed, INTJs often experience difficulty picking up on social nuances, which makes navigating the external world a challenge for them. They may see a clear path to the implementation of their goals, but if they must network or win over people to get there, they will experience difficulty along the way.

Each Myers-Briggs Type’s Kryptonite

Each Myers-Briggs Type’s Kryptonite ( a am painfully INFJ in this)…

MBTI types as Mutated Creatures by Sam's Sketchbook

MBTI types as Mutated Creatures by Sam's Sketchbook I am perfectly happy having a tiny unicorn as my personality type.