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Review: Updated: iPhone SE -> Introduction: a new / old era for Apple Why should you care about the iPhone SE? It's a phone that's in an identical chassis to the one released three years ago and beyond a new color it's impossible to know which model is which. It's the iPhone 'Special Edition'. Then I look around the train carriage on the way to work and count the amount of iPhone 5S and 5 devices that are being prodded quietly all around. The number is…

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This affordable iPhone 7 adapter gives back the headphone jack Apple took away Read more Technology News Here --> One of the biggest issues with the iPhone 7 is that you can't charge and listen to music at the same time unless you're using wireless headphones. This problem has lead accessory makers to release expensive adapters to solve that problem. If Belkin's $40 (35 AU$60) Lightning Audio Charge RockStar adapter is too expensive for you then $10…

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Nintendo is relaunching the original NES, complete with HDMI and 30 built-in games

Nintendo is relaunching the NES as the NES Classic Edition | The Daily Dot In stores Nov. 11, 2016 $60

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Motorola's latest wireless earbuds don't live up to expectations

Motorola's latest wireless earbuds don't live up to expectations -

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The Fitbit Flex 2 can go in the pool with you

The Fitbit Flex 2 can go in the pool with you Apples latest Watch was met with great applause when the company announcedin September the thing could take a dive in the pool and keep on ticking. But the price and other bells and whistles of the Watch might be too much for those just looking for a simple way to track steps laps and calories. Enter Fitbits Flex 2 which starts shipping tomorrow morning. Its a Read More via Techcrunch gadget review Tech News

Are You Sending The Right eMail? #Infographics —

Raisins should be mentioned here with the grapes. I saw a news story about potatoes being harmful, but it isn't listed here either.