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I still remember this!!-- YESS!!!!! It did and now i always say doorhinge if someone asks me what rhymes with orange hah!

Pattern - fungus WARNING: do not go mushroom hunting unless you are familiar with them. So beautiful to look at. Amazing colors, shapes. They are everywhere. Why not go mushroom looking this weekend, bring your cellphone, take pictures, do research but remember "don't touch them" Mushrooms or toadstool is a fleshy produced above the ground or soil. Specific names are: bolete, puffball, stink horn, morel or truffle. Mushrooms are low calorie food. 22 calories per 100gr. 2.5 gr of protein...


19 Ways We Can Laugh About Being Forever Alone (Together)

The orange can dance with door hinge!

Halloween version of Brown Bear, Brown Bear...with a printable student version to make!

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Community Post: 25 Of The Orangey-Ist Orange Things

Color coding books. Orange, orange, orange, um... you catch my drift. #Orange #Inspiration #Beautyinthebag

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