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Details about Nida 130E Trainer Digital Circuit Experiment Card Set 1454

Do you know about RaspberryPi? It's a $35 computer that runs a stripped down version of Linux called Fedora ARM. Basically, it is the guts of a smartphone. It has two USB ports, HD video out. You supply the keyboard, mouse, and monitor. It is for teaching kids to program, experiment and invent new computing technologies. Check it out at

Six years agoIan Burkhartwas an Ohio State University student on a beach vacation with his friends when a diving accidentinjuredhis spine leaving himparalysed in his arms and legs. With newneural bypass technology Burkhart is able to use his hand for functional movementslikepouring liquid out of a bottle swiping a credit card or playing a guitar video game in rhythm. As reported in the journalNature its the first time a neural-computer interface has given precise movementto a human limb…

Breadboards are a great tool for prototyping and testing electronics circuits. Here I am sharing with you some plug-in modules that I once made to make my breadboarding life easier. I have used these modules many times in the PIC experiments described in this blog. These modules serve very common functions that are required in most microcontroller circuits. Their use

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Secrets of the iPad Camera Connection Kit

IPad Adapter kit for transferring pictures straight from SD card to IPad or to attach USB devices like a keyboard. #ipad

Advance orders ship 12/15/15.<br><br>Your eye in the sky has arrived with this Striker remote-controlled Quadcopter drone. With the Striker drone, you can easily experiment with aerial photography. Take pictures and video from up to 400 feet in the air with the adjustable built-in camera mounted on the bottom of the copter. Your footage is stored on the included memory card and can be downloaded to a computer for viewing with the USB cable.<br><br>See your house, neighborhood, park, and…