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On the southeastern coastal plain, the Tricolored Heron - Egretta tricolor; is a characteristic bird of quite shallow waters. Strikingly slender, with long bill, neck and legs, it is often seen wading belly-deep in coastal lagoons. Although it is solitary in its feeding, it is sociable in nesting, often in very large colonies with various other herons and egrets.

The white-necked heron is a shy bird & very wary of its surrounds only keeping to areas where it has a clear view of what is around it. Commonly found in shallow wetlands usually seen foraging singly also in pairs. Will defend feeding territories against other species aggressively. Observed harassing species of ibis (Threskiornis moluccus) & raptors, often stealing prey they have caught.

Goliath Heron (photography by Callie de Wer) - Goliath Heron is often seen singly or in isolated pairs. It is a nocturnal bird, also seen at dusk, feeding in wetlands. Its movements may appear slow & very ponderous. It is a very shy bird & is sedentary. Tthis species is monogamous. Their long feathers on crest, neck, breast and back develop before breeding period, which starts with the rainy season.

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