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Tachikawa Station (立川駅)

Name: ラーメン愉悦処 似星 2号店(Second Niboshi Ramen-ya) Location:東京都立川市錦町1-2-16立川アーバンホテル1F 1-2-16,Nishiki-cho,Tachikawashi,Tokyo(within 2 minutes foot from Tachikawa St) Comment: Delicious Soy-sauce & fish soup ramen. Enjoy fine food material with noodle.

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Shurai@Hamamatsu St(Tokyo);Soy-source Ramen Address;2-3-6 Shibadaimon Minato-ku Tokyo Japan

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中華そば ふうみどう

「Chu-kasoba Fumidou」@Kokubunji St Special Menu;zya-zya-men addrress;2-12-1 Honmachi Kokubunji-shi Tokyo Japan

Sansai Soba, Japanese Soba Noodles with Mountain Vegetables|山菜そば


Toshikoshi-soba (Buckwheat Noodles Eaten on New Year's Eve) 年越しそば

Day 6 - Tokyo; Dinner at Yakichi by micdbfotos, via Flickr

Sukiyaki With Shirataki noodles this dish is a lot lower in calories. I've used stevia in place of sugar and it's just fine. I like a 6 minute boiled soft egg in place of the raw egg dip. Not into the whites texture when raw.

Menya SOU Chicken Soba Restaurant@Higashimurayama St. Chicken-Salt Ramen Address; 2-3-20, Honmachi, Higashimurayama-shi, Tokyo, Japan