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Maximo Park - September 15, 2012 at U Street Music Hall. I can't wait!!!!

How to make Oobleck Dance ~ Sound Science Experiments for Kids


The Science of Sound Waves: An Awesome Experiment for Kids

This super easy science experiment has some AMAZING results!

"Every human being is a field of energy. Energy doesn’t simply flow through us — we are energy. This was discovered by humanity’s earliest natural scientists— the ancient Chinese physicians who studied the mysteries of the human body and mind. It has also been discovered by the modern scientists who reveal the wonders of our subatomic existence." ~Master Kam Chuen Lam ..*

from Krieger Science

How to Make a Pan Flute

A Pan Flute. Shorter pipes produce higher frequency sound waves and a higher pitch. Good activity when you teach a unit on sound. The link gives you exact measurements to make notes in a true scale so you can play songs. The shortest straw must be exactly half the length of the longest straw.

Science experiment for kids to learn about sound waves


The Ambient Walkman

A graduate student at the M.I.T. Media Lab has created a pair of headphones that tunes the listener back in to the world around him.

Echolocation! Hear the sound waves a slinky makes! Super cool! Learn + Play = Pre K

How to make a paper cup phone -- fun kids science experiment!

Straw Oboe: Sound & Waves Science Project | Exploratorium Science Snacks