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Thinking about our last gathering with family and friends at our #3dprintingstore. Looking forward to more gatherings in 2016. For our 100th post we would like to wish you all a #happynewyear #3dprinting #Namibia #GadgetBoy3D #global3dprintingday #tbt #100thpost by gadgetboy3d


Gathering Beauty: Things I've Made From Things I've Pinned: Diy 3-D Origami Wall Art.

3D印刷建築:艾菲爾鐵塔 一貫全彩3D打印服務 : 色彩與高質量可完美體現設計理念 一步就可以打印細部精確和鮮豔真全彩的模型 3D Printed Architecture : Eiffel Tower Uniquely full colour 3D printing services: full colour and high quality and details dramatically communicate design intent Produce realistic or vivid colour models in one step

This 3-D-Printed House Gets All The Power It Needs From A Car

3D-Print Your Way Off the Grid ... Learn about this 3D-printed house that has a sustainability play. It is off the grid gathering power from solar panels and vehicles. Could this be the home of the future? Image credit: Pawel Kadysz (https://stocksnap.io/photo/T7T37KWY8G?utm_content=bufferd3c41&utm_medium=social&utm_source=pinterest.com&utm_campaign=buffer)

The use of 3D printing within the fashion world has certainly been gathering steam. We have seen several companies, including 3D Systems enter the market for 3D

Winter Wedding Wonderland This is my absolute favorite time of the year! With Christmas & New Years rapidly approaching - I can't help but fall in love with the holidays, family gatherings, gre

A 3-D Alphabet Illustrates The History Of Typography

Arkitypo series:Designed in 1896, Akzidenz is a part of the family of early sans serifs called grotesques. For this design, the weight was condensed and "fratalized," turning a grotesque into a thing of beauty.

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