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Plant-Based Protein Sources by ohomyveggies #Infographic #Protein #Plants

Plant Protein: A Nutrition Q&A About Plant Protein - OhMyVeggies!

Nutrition Q&A: Protein + Plant-Based Diets Plant-Based Protein Sources Formula for how much protein you should eat daily is included.

High protein foods, protein based diet is best for weight loss, no meat for me so I'll have to look into other options.

Vegetarian forms of protein. the truth is that the SAD (standard American diet) is OVERLOADED with protein! I'm sick of meat-eaters fussing about my protein intake. Multiply your weight times and that's how many grams of protein you need.

Give a hoot. Don't pollute.

Saving the earth one turtle at a time. You see the difference a turtle does not. Plastic bags vs jelly fish in the ocean.


Discover avocados uses and benefits through The Amazing Avocado: Facts About This Fruit infographic, and learn why this food should be part of your diet.

The Benefits of Going Green. Learn about the health benefits of various greens. #saladswap #FreshExpress

The Benefits of Going Green

The Benefits Of Going Green Learn About The Health Benefits Of Various Greens Saladswap Freshexpress

Omega-3 foods #health #holistic #natural

15 Omega-3 Foods Your Body Needs Now

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Various health benefits of fish oil can be related to the presence of omega fatty acids in it making it good for heart health and most important

The Ultimate Guide to Nuts Infographic  AWESOME guide!!

Eat Right: The Ultimate Guide to Nuts [Infographic] Here's a breakdown of nut nutrition—what good stuff they give you, how to use 'em, and fun alternatives, too!

Explanation of perimenopause symptoms and how to rebalance hormones to feel better.

Knowing when you've actually entered into perimenopause seems so mysterious but there are some important hints to watch for. Know what to expect so you can feel more comfortable.

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Tout savoir sur la piscine naturelle

Natural Swimming Pond Designs from Gartenart - I LOVE this idea! No chlorine, the plants at the edge keep the water clear and you swim. I am seriously torn between this and an inground concrete stained pool.