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Love your story but struggle to actually finish writing it? Check out this post from ShesNovel.com for my simple two-step method to finishing your novel!

Are you trapped in the bog that is editing? I've been there too. Once those big edits are complete, it's time to narrow your focus to the words themselves and my guest today, Antonio Tooley, has just the tips to help you do that. | Writerology.net

Yup: Revision happens to us all, and cutting words is never easy. But do this one simple thing to take the sting out of all that deleting. (Bonus: It's virtually effortless!!) | lucyflint.com

You have these awesome characters, a thrilling plot with an epic story goal, but where are they? You have to create a complete picture. If you don’t, you run the risk of alienating your reader. We...

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