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What your coffee says about you: I Make my own: Iced VENTI Quad Espresso that also contains a shot of the Vanilla bean, Cinnamon and splenda with some non-fat milk making it a Latte with 2 extra shots... I also drink Iced coffee and coffee to go... and coffee to go is my go-to at home where my custom latte 4 shots of espresso is my starbucks choice... What does that make me? (Other than a caffeine addict!) LOL

What your coffee says about you [infographic]. Ha I love them all! I agree with the one that says frappuccino bc I really do just love me some ice cream

coffee shop omgosh! these chairs!

These teacup chairs add character and humor to the Cafe. The pillows on the teacup chairs adds warmth and comfort. The curved back encloses the users and makes them feel at home.

naina tehaari raah nihaare...nainan ko tarsaao naa... This is one very beautiful pic. I love this one completely.

Many Puerto Ricans take a cue from their Spanish ancestors, ending their meals with a cup of strong, black coffee.


Coffee with some country milk. Oh the cream of that milk must be as thick and lush as a babushka's thigh? The coffee looks good enough to drink, cream added and all!

Who needs a cheese board when you could have a coffee board? Actually, I'll take both.

Cappuccino - Who needs a cheese board when you could have a coffee board? Actually, I'll take both.

Take a few extra moments to enjoy your morning cup of coffee with homemade flavored syrups and beans from TOMS Roasting Co.

Homemade Vanilla Bean, Blackberry, Cinnamon Brown Sugar and Almond Coffee Syrups

Four homemade coffee syrups (vanilla bean, blackberry, cinnamon brown sugar and almond) and a coldbrew coffee method. I have a bunch of brown sugar to use up, so I might just use it directly in the coffee instead of normal sugar.