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"What is electrical charge?" - how it is created by Nature and its role in Matter.... #Tetryonics

Tetryonic theory revealing the charged geometry of Light

The three laws of Tetryonics - if you seek to understand Nature then first you must define charge, mass & Matter, then differentiate between them and the roles they play in the physics of our Universe on all energy scales.......

fossil ammonites - It's like the greatest natural fractal ever, or steampunk rock.

QED 23 - Electrical Forces The equilateral geometry creating the Electrical Forces as derived from Tetryonics [the Charged geometry of EM mass-ENERGY-Matter]. The ElectroMagnetic forces resulting from geometric Energy in a conductor. The twenty-third chapter in the release of Tetryonics - The Charged geometry of EM mass-ENERGY-Matter it serves as an introduction to Quantum Electro Dynamics and electrical energy in the new millennia.

quantum art and poetry: Quantum Entanglement and the symmetry and geometry of light !

Nautical treasures... ✞ Art is the most intense mode of individualism that the world has known. ~Oscar Wilde✞