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I'm going to say this is a "What?! Why?!!" Moment because as a parent, I now know that when, or at least when I say don't talk back, is because children should have respect for what we decide as parents. And especially middle school children LOVE to argue and try and negotiate/"prove wrong"/ or point out the unjust. Dude, no. Don't talk back. You got yourself in this mess. Shut it, and take responsibility. End rant.

The day this day comes is one I will not be looking forward too; hearing about Paul Walker was bad enough

Um, how about NO. Bump that jank. You're not together for a reason. Get over it and move on.

I've done my part, and I'm happy with myself. One-sided friendships may be for some, but they're definitely not for me. It's no easier for one person to make an effort than the other.

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Top 30 Best Quotes about Family

Seriously..... More

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Teach Your Kids to Love Themselves

Kids get bombarded with negative messages from the media, their peers, and their social networks. It's tough our there. We get it because we don't have the luxury of riding around on our unicorns in the Land of Blissful Ignorance. But we can charge in to the rescue. We give you some tools to fight back and a pretty darn good pep talk too. #parenting #talkearly

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I have had this app before I say I was go to delete her to see what she said (cause my friends told me that it could be hacked ) and her voice change to a deep guy voice and said "no dont do that " and then the voice change back so I deleted it .it scared me for days please don't get this app

Please. Let's just go back. Let me walk into the room and see you. Let my breath catch again as I wondered where to sit. You were so beautiful. Let's go back to when we stood. With our inside jokes. No one understood us and they thought that we were weird. Let's go back to the time you whispered things in class. Making my stomach hurt as I tried not to laugh. Let go back before the notes. Let's go back before that question, that day, let's go back to when you didn't care what people thought.