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Humans are fascinated by stories of ghost ship disappearances. Why? Because humans are drawn to tales that leave us without answers. Stories of ghosts, the supernatural, alien intervention, and conspiracies may sound like something from science fiction, but these are the stories that have captured the human imagination since they first came to us through newspaper headlines and the mouths of whispering sailors.

10 'Ghost Ships' That Mysteriously Disappeared At Sea & Were Never Found

♂Aged with beauty - A moored abandoned ship that rests in the Jordan Harbour on Lake Ontario, Canada

Love driving by this on the QEW. Moored abandoned ship in Jordan Harbour on Lake Ontario, St.

'Endurance' - stuck in the ice: Frank Hurley 1915

'Endurance' - stuck in the ice: Frank Hurley, 1915

From the archive: pioneering travel photography

From the archive: pioneering travel photography

Frank Hurley: The Long, Long Night - The Endurance in the Antarctic Winter Darkness, Trapped in the Weddell Sea, Shackleton Expedition, 27 August

Some old photos

20 utterly unique historical photographs you’ve probably never seen before- my favorite is the picture of Tesla sitting nonchalantly in his lab

The Ghostship by Torben Höhn

This fog makes the docks look amazing! Especially with this pirate like ship.I wonder if my Jack is waiting for me in there, hehe.