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Princess Leia Organa (Carrie Fischer) in Jabba the Hut slave outfit - Star Wars V (costume designer John Mollo)

1,138 behind the scenes photos of the Star Wars Trilogy - Imgur

ILM Art Department Star Wars Challenge 2016, Felix Bauer-Schlichtegroll on ArtStation at

Padme Amidala, mother of Leia Organa and wife of Anakin Skywalker (both pictured in background).

Princess Aura in Flash Gordon ( 1980) This is up there with Princess Leia's gold bikini, but because she's a baddie she gets pagoda shoulders. It's just so King and I. I love it !

An Artist Gave Disney Princesses a Fantastically Rebellious Twist (Retroactive Leia via Lucasfilm merger)

Star Wars 9 || Rey's Return ● By Ken Hill ●…

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Star Wars Episode 8 to be filmed at Pinewood Studios

Carrie Fisher as Princess Leia Organa, reduced to the status of a slave girl in the harem of Jabba the Hut.