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As many of you know, in addition to being a chef, author and educator, I’m an artist! My eye is drawn to the colors of food and to my beloved garden beyond my office window, where life changes moment to moment. I have a front row seat at my desk to watch hummingbirds dipping in and out of the flowers arrayed just outside. Hummingbirds symbolize the enjoyment of life and the lightness of being, as they are such magical, fleeting creatures, here and gone.

A Game-Changing Moment for Fast-Food Workers

Anthony Bourdain talks about life changing moments on No Reservations, the best part of his job, favorite meals, and his favorite place to get drunk in this candid interview.

You can experience life changing moments through 2 weeks of living outside your comfort zone. Imagine what your life would be like if you push yourself to find comfort living a life outside your comfort zone. The possibilities are endless. Congratulation Tracey for accomplishing more in 2 weeks than most ever accomplish. You changed your life by changing your health. We still have work to do.

Planning an escape. Join me. // There are a couple spaces left in the Chateau for the French Creative Retreat! Our days will be filled with painting nature food wine rest and refreshment as we escape from the city and from normal life altogether giving our minds and imaginations a moment to breathe. Change is such a good thing. // WillowGathering.com. #willowgathering

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Having a baby is a life changing moment that should be celebrated! These baby shower ideas for girls will help make your baby shower memorable and fun!

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