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- Winnie, What day is it? - It's Today! - Ha, Great!, That's my favorite day! Lovely Winnie the Pooh quote in french.

#Repost @_sir_philip My favorite designer series No. 7: Many in the industry regard Albert Hadley Jr. (1920 - 2012) as the dean of American interior design. Others have described him as the the "yang" in the celebrated design firm of Parish-Hadley as he provided the intellectual and axiomatic rigor to the often affectionately described "yin" side of Sister Parish which was more intuitionist. Understandably Albert was recruited by Van Day Truex who was at the time the President of Parson…

Day 16 of the #februarychallenge2017 and today is #throwbackthursday. This is me as a toddler what cutie eh?! Ha ha! . . . #photochallenge #tbt #cute #curlyhair #seventiesbaby #handknittedcardie

Oh boy. That's what's left of a $300 Rife Bulb. I'm not usually one who believes in bad luck or that Friday the 13th is a day to stay in bed, but I certainly had one of those days today. Accidents are definitely something we attract, just like abundance. Sometimes accidents actually are abundance in disguise - letting go of what's not needed so we can receive the new stuff- right? The common thread with many of the "oh shit" moments we have with our personal effects and physical bodies…

As moms who juggle responsibilities and children, it can be difficult to manage our time wisely! Just keeping your coffee *semi* warm for the day can be a struggle! Ha! But in all seriousness, Jesus cares how we spend our time. What we do day in and day out reflects who and what our priorities are. If you feel off-balance, or need a vision for how to manage your time better, today's study is for you!

Wow, I feel pretty blessed to have a work family that is so nice and positive. Each of us appreciate what each person brings to the team. Today I got this sweet message and it totally made my day. I ❤ my work family. Well some of you guys anyway, we don't want anyone getting a big head. Ha ha 😀 jk 😍

Happy Tuesday Evening my lovelies....I am saying hello to you all before I nod off ! Ha x ...... what a another busy day....30 extra large hearts wrapped and shipped today....another batch tomorrow .... so if you had pre-ordered your heart it is either on its way...or will be tomorrow ..... and we now have plenty in stock ready to ship. We have not stopped...had some giggles along the way...I had a strop with the sellotape !!!! Lol....anyway apart from that...looking forward to tea with the…

St. Juliana of Cornillon: Historically today is the feast of Saint Juliana of Cornillon, also known as Juliana of Liege, who was a medieval Norbertine canoness regular and mystic in what is now Belgium. She has long been recognized as the promoter of the Feast of Corpus Christi. #Catholic #Pray

So far today has been a beautiful day so far and it is only getting better because I choose to have a great day no matter what!!! Hoy ha sido un día bello y se pone mejor porque yo decido tener un maravilloso día pase lo que pase. #lovelife #thankful #grateful #everydayisbeautiful #positive #blessed #bendecido #positivo #agradecido #amolavida

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