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Days of the week according to Lucille Ball...I kinda love every one of her faces! Which one is yours today? Ha ha #I❤️Lucy

Ancient Steps to Mars Hill (Areopagus) - You may still walk up them today. It is a short walk from the Acropolis.

I'm glad I'm not who they they I am...pretty sure that person they say I am is really who they are

It's not about what's wrong w-you. It's about what has happened to you. Some days we try to maintain a sense of normalcy until we no longer can, right? That, my friend is called surviving. We never become whole again; we are survivors. If you are here today... you are a survivor. For those of us who have made it thru hell & are still standing? We bear another name: warrior. Our scars have become our healing badges of honor, wisdom, courage, strength, compassion, empathy, achievement…