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Could Alleyoop be the Spotify of Math Education? On US News & World Report (2/2/12)

2nd Grade Smarty-Arties taught by the Groovy Grandma! Great Narrative Writing Activity!

Great idea for story map (first grade blog but I can so see this with my fifth graders)

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Exclusive: The Final Two 'Divergent Series' Films Are Getting New Names

The Divergent Series just got bigger. The world in the final two films expand in #Allegiant and #Ascendant – Learn more and see the NEW logos exclusively on MTV! *Mind Blown*

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Battles of World War II Radio Show Project

This cooperative learning project for World War II has students read about 7 key battles and create engaging radio news segments just like Americans would have heard in the 1940's! Everything you need to complete this fun, creative lesson is included! My students have made some incredibly entertaining reports over the years, complete with sound effects and fantastic old-time accents! Can be presented in class or recorded and turned into podcasts or MP3s based on your technology resources.

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A Daily Newsletter You'll Want To Actually Open: theSkimm Click the link not the picture! If you like to know what's going on in the world, but hating reading the paper or don't have time read the Skimm in your email instead! They condense the stories in the headlines to smaller understandable summaries for your morning everyday! It's written by two women in the news industry! Check it out with this link and you help me and yourself! <3 Kisses and Cupcakes

"Tech billionaires convinced we live in the Matrix are secretly funding scientists to help break us out of it"-skoalbrother. Postedby

BBC is one of my go-to networks for global current affairs coverage. I especially love its Africa Business Report, a monthly look at business trends in Africa.

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ELA Common Core Bulletin Board + Expanding my Blog

ELA Common Core Bulletin Board + Expanding my Blog! | Pencils and Pancakes

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How Megyn Kelly Became the New Star of Fox News

Megyn Kelly: How the Fox News Anchor Became the Star of the Network | Variety