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Put names on mailboxes with binder clips! Way better than peeling labels at the end of the year.

Teaching With Love and Laughter: Monday Made It! Put names on mailboxes with binder clips! So easy to rearrange and redo when kids move/come in the middle of the year! I wish I would have done this! Maybe next year

I will be keeping this in my sub folder at all times!!

For the subfolder. No guess-work for what type of info to leave for the teacher when they return.

Mrs. Brosseau's Binder: How Google Forms Saved This Teacher's Sanity. When my school requires us to grade on a rubric and provide feedback- this takes TIME that I don't want to waste on handwriting responses. I can automate with Google Forms and give my students faster feedback! Thank you, Web 2.0!

I’m writing this tutorial as I sit at my kitchen island, eating a scone and drinking a coffee. I know what you’re thinking – this teacher .

Common Core resources

Common Core Binder (a year of many firsts)

Create a common core binder with graphic organizers, lesson plans, etc. for teaching each of the standards. This is a good resource for any teacher to use when dealing with Common Core Standards.

How to Make Books by Esther K. Smith ....samples of three different kinds of books your kids can make. This book may just be worth the money!

Making mini-books out of one sheet of paper. good way to make a mini study book of literary terms?

Erasing permanent marker. Laminate then use a rubber eraser. No more throwing out name tags, labels, birthday candles, classroom jobs, or bulletin board pieces when the year is over!

How to erase permanent marker.nail polish remover, magic eraser, and writing over permanent marker with a dry erase marker also work.but this is super easy!

Just Add Clipart: She adds 9 words each 9 weeks to the 'no excuse' word list.

hold children accountable for certain words that are to be spelled correctly when writing these teachers add 9 words for 9 weeks. No Excuse Words