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Funny Orbit Gum Commercial: You son of a biscuit eating bulldog! WHAT THE FRENCH TOAST?! You think i wouldn't figure out about your little doodoo head cootie queen! Who are you callin' cootie queen, you LINT LICKER! Pickle you kumquat! You're overreacting... No Bill, overreacting was when I put your convertible into a wood chipper! Stinky McStinkface! You hoboken!


Hahaha!! Truth. :) and YES I do happen to have a tshirt problem. Kathleen understands me, that's all that counts.

As part of my final year project . I was asked to create a major ad campaign around one of a few brands. I chose to do my campaign on orbit . The challenge is still audience belief specially teen that orbit is just chewing gum but it is far more than that…

You shut your whore mouth you Orbit bitch. I like my dirty mouth the way it is.

I sang this part of the song the other day and my disaster told me to "clean it up with orbit"