Rolodex-” Things To Do Next Week”

Mi proyecto como artista invitada para Paper Carfter's Library con y Rodolex My projecy like DT Feature to Rodolex-” Things To Do Next Week” Rodolex-” Things To Do Next Week”

Rolodex Scrapbook ideas-and-inspirations

i love the idea of turning memories into a "rolodex scrapbook:.using vintage cards, photos and bits of this and that. I even stole my parents old Rolodex after my last visit just because I remember loving to play with it so much when I was little!

Wow, I love this gal! What a great Christian - her love for the Lord shines thru- and she has great scrapbook ideas.  I'm going to follow her.

I think we should do a rolodex art card challenge at the library with our old rolodex files and cards


turn a vintage rolodex into an art "scrapodex". You could do this with material, yarn, ribbons you have. that way you can flip through this to see what you have rather than have to dig out the box in my case.

Altered Rolodex Card Journal: Safety Dance Series

Altered Rolodex Card Journal: Safety Dance Series

Mixed Media: Art Journaling , Textiles, Artist Trading Cards and Mail Art

home made rolodex journal holder :-)

Alter cigar or other box to hold heavy paper envelopes for small savers

This is EXACTLY the kind of idea I had for my bucket list. I love this.

I returned home from running errands yesterday to find a ton of boxes on my front porch (don't you just love that? Amongst the boxes from Sephora, Staples, and various children's toys companies (overgenerous grandparents.) was a box full of.