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Instagram photo by @collettea10 CSUF picnic with Panda Express and Carl's Jr.

Baked Zucchini - I need more zucchini recipes since our garden is exploding with zucchini goodness right now.

Carl's Jr. Breakfast Burger (Copycat)

Carl's Jr. Breakfast Burger with seared beef patty, crispy hash browns, scrambled eggs, cheese and glorious bacon. All the flavor, no drive through.

An Alternative Holiday Side

Prosciutto-Wrapped Roasted Garlic Potato Medallions (Nick Mamalis, Royals Restaurant)

Commercials that involve Carl's Jr. have been extremely sexualized lately, trying to get the mans attention. They would do this by making extremely beautiful, famous actors eat burgers while in some sort of lingerie fetish. This may make some want to buy the burger, but what is it really doing? It's showing off women as if they were a toy is what they're doing.

Society has driven things into chaos! Nature has become property, illegal and in the eyes of many what is natural is seen as wrong #ExplainThisShit 😒 #WakeUpHumanity ✨🌎💫 #TUKRO 🎭

And this is what girls do when they eat at Carl's Jr.