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Love you Jesus..I thank you for all u did good things - Love you Jesus..I thank you for all u did good things in my life..I thank you Jesus ..yesterday I posted for my husband job..but today he got positive approach from a good company..please keep on praying for his job ,he should select ..but I have a good hope in the name of Jesus,Love you Jesus..I dont know Im very happy now else I am always in little bit moody and disturbed..but when I started posting prayer..unknown happiness surround…


The No-Dig Vegetable Garden

In a no-dig garden, the hard work is done by microorganisms and earthworms. The digging in a conventional garden upsets and disturbs the delicate biological balance in the soil. Microorganisms and mycorrhiza (beneficial fungi) needed for healthy plants are disturbed and pathogenic organisms can multiply unharmed.

I can not handle Such sweetness and tenderness in my heart..!! That beautiful moment. .Credit : @dallaszoo - PEACEFUL SLEEP: He may be growing fast but hes still Moms little boy. #Ajabus favorite place to sleep is curled up between Mlilos trunk and her legs. (And every time we see him that way we fall just a bit more in love with both of them.) We grabbed this shot with a night-vision camera so we didnt disturb them . . #elephant #elephants #elephantlove

Disturbed has been my favorite band since I learned how to download music. Most of the songs are upbeat and they have good word choice with their lyrics which makes me like them even more.

Ib,it's so sad how this is representing many details in Ib. Mary is sadly a bit disturbed, Garry figures this out, then when he tries to tell she threatens him and he covers Ib from the scary things. (Or is Mary threatening Garry since Ib has a nice friendship with Ib? Hmm,the many interpretations)

Disturbed~Ten thousand fists in the air

this disturbed me, until I zoomed in. there's a tiny bit of Lakeland above sea level here. looks like the "highlands" just below the parkway - that could be my house! there is hope after all. ❤️ #tumblr #humor #florida


Pictures of the day: 11 May 2015

YOU must be CROAKING if you think this competitive frog is going to share his branch with a rival Kermit. Comical snaps show a tree frog enjoying a solitary gymnastic work out, but his peace was soon disturbed by another exercise fanatic who tried to get in on the action. Because the first Kermit could not share the apparatus a bit of froggy wrestling kicked off. From chin ups to funky yoga moves these frogs show their range of movement and flexibility on their makeshift chin-up bar. The…

"Guys. Guys. Guys. Just noticed this. The lady on the jury, that Moriarty threatened? Isn't she the cabbie's ex-wife? Aren't those their kids, just grown up a bit?? AREN'T THEY?!?"