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giraffe and zebra

A zebra and giraffe rub necks together. Note how the giraffe got down on the ground to be at the zebra's level.

Animal photos of the week: 27 September 2013 - Telegraph

Animal photos of the week: 27 September 2013

An 11 month old baby pangolin in Namibia. Little is known about the shy, endangered species. This thing is absolutely adorable!

Photo of living tasmanian tiger under the catagory, "Photos of extinct animals taken while still extant."  Video footage of this now extinct animal! species.wikimedia...

Photo of living tasmanian tiger. already extinct. see more on my board 'animals extinct or going extinct'. is it cool to kill animals

"Adorable Infant Francois' Langur," by San Francisco Zoo via Flickr -- Baby's hanging on tight!

San Francisco Zoo Infant Francois' langur born September 2010 Photo taken by Paul Chamberlain

Pet shop

Lighthouse Learning Center: Our Pet Shop . // nevermind just the amazing pet shop, LOOK at that organization! It kills me to look at & not be capable of doing this anymore. THIS is a great "Goal Poster" for ME

. This  unusual  swallow's  nest was caught on camera by Robert Fuller, a wildlife photographer and artist, who returned to his home in Thixendale, North Yorks, from his summer holiday to find the nesting birds.Picture: RobertFuller/BNPS

Pictures of the day: 18 September 2014

“Four hungry swallow chicks wait open-mouthed for their parents to bring the next meal back to their nest – made in an old storm lantern.The mum and dad swallows set up home in the rusty old lamp last.

Check. September 2015

On my Bucket list.Going to the ZOO with a date/loveone.because everytime I going to the ZOO was with my children when they were little.Seems so nice to go there with my date/ man.(the ZOO in my hometown).

30 Funny Animal Photos with Captions

Carrots are best underground. Bunny with glasses. Or a rabbit. I don't know. photo taken from wesley chan (wongfuproductions)! Carrots are best underground Bunny with glasses Or a rabbit I don't know photo taken from wesley chan (wongfuproductions)!