"Neolithic stone beads, these were ground or knapped by hand and drilled with a bow drill or similar; the perforations were drilled from both ends to ensure the bead would not break during the drilling process. This can be somewhat seen in the transparent quartz bead."

by Marion Hamilton | Necklace; Silver beads Yemeni, rock crystal wedding beads Afghanistan, clay spindle whorls Mali amber Morocco, rock crystal seal Afghanistan, all 19th c., prehistoric stone bead in center, hard stone pi disk contemporary, 22K gold beads India || $3500

Africa | Prestige belt from the Kuba people of DR Congo | Glass beads, shells and leather || Source; pg 188 ~ issuu.com/...

T: Agate cameo, diamond, natural pearl, silver and gold pendant/brooch, late 19th-early 20th century.

Bead embroidered Pendant necklace Singing in the Rain picasso jasper Beadwork EBW Team Seed beaded Jewelry ooak EBEG

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