Africa | Helmet mask "gelede" from the Yoruba people of Nigeria | Wood, dark brown patina, small remains of white and indigo blue pigment | "gelede" is a cult in the southwestern Yorubaland which implores the fertility of the earth and the well-being of men. Annual celebrations are marked by elaborate dance performances, paired male and female masks worn by men who appear in rich textile costumes complete with wooden breasts

YORUBA MASK Nigeria. H 41 cm. Dance mask of gelede -Bundes from the southwest of the Yoruba country

Yoruba gelede mask - Register 1942: Wooden mask carved in form of human head, painted white, black, brown and blue, with slits for seeing through, surmounted by two large snakes eating the hind legs of a leopard.

Afrikana: YORUBA gelede Maske, 57cm 650,- €

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