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Sad doofenshimrtz is sad

I have seen literally every episode of this freaking show and this is one of my favorite jokes

When I tried to drive a things didn't go so well ... Um ... Let's just say my neighbors need a new window! Oops!


16 Classic Examples Of Harry Potter Logic

Ya I will admit Dumbledore is a great wizard but the man needs to think I mean seriously comment a speech bubble emoji if you agree

tumblr, text, post, textpost, tumblrpost

I'm not sure if some of these things are fake or if they actually said it and just happen to often quote my favorite shows to see if anyone will notice. This is from Parks and Rec btw

Or it is supposed to be big Time rush But it decided to tell the truth!!

Because the ghosts in the shrieking shack are violent. But the ones in the school are harmless. Even Peeves. :)

Superficial things, like judging a book by its cover will limit your relationships. Treasure the person for what is underneath all that facade. True friends understand that there's more to a person that the clothes on their back or the expression on their face, they can read their eyes and know what is needed.


Original Star Trek Cast Meets Current Cast

Vulcan beauty tips.