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FitMiss Bi's Tri's Burner Workout

FitMiss Bi's + Tri's Burner Workout I love this ladies workouts :) Killer arms you

Guns Workout by FitMiss Chady Dunmore

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Arms and obliques by fitmiss

Arms Obliques Workout Replace leg lifts with supermans for 2 rotations Replace bicycles with Russian twists for 2 rotations Alternate Crunches/reverse crunches

FitMiss Chest & Back Workout

No lie, this intimidates me. Been a long time since I pushed my muscles to failure. Bring it! FitMiss Chest & Back Workout

FitMiss Bicep & Tricep Workout


Back and Chest #fitmiss #workout #fitness

Back and Chest workout by Chady Dunmore, pro bikini world champ

Sept 9's workout Fitmiss

for ppl with knee issues (like me), I replace the sprints with squat jumps/knee highs/jumping jacks, which ever I'm in the mood for.