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LDS General Conference. President Uchtdorf: "If you seek God's truth, that which now may appear dim, out of focus, and distant will gradually be revealed." #ldsconf #lds #quotes

How To Reclaim Your Mornings

How To Reclaim Your Mornings

Statistics show the most successful people in the world are… you guessed it. Morning people. CEOs, athletes, artists and countless people deemed to be successful individuals have a secret weapon that all have access to, but few choose to take...

LDS General Conference. Elder Christofferson: "The gospel of Jesus Christ opens the path to what we may become." #ldsconf #lds #quotes

“Jessie” Episode “Morning Rush” Airs On Disney Channel June 27, 2014

Jessie is an idealistic and resourceful girl who decides to leave the military base where she grew up to realize her dreams in New York. She is hired to be the "nanny" of 4 children of a rich couple of Upper East Side's jets-setters...<<<love this show!

Rene Russo Arriving to Appear on Good Morning America in New York City - October 2014