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William Marshall was one of the greatest knights and magnates of medieval English History. He was buried in a Templar church, Temple Church in London, where his effigy can still be seen today.

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William Marshal – Knight Of Knights William Marshal, also known as the Earl of Pembroke, is remembered by history as one of the greatest knights to have ever lived. Now, a knight is supposed to exemplify many qualities but the most important one, by far, was the ability to murder-kill an enemy knight and steal his shit. And that is was William did. Over and over and over and over again. On his deathbed, the Earl noted to those nearby that he’d bested at least 500 other knights in…

"William Marshal, 1st Earl of Pembroke"

William Marshall, Earl Pembroke, Kt Templar/Kt. Hospitalier, the Marshall of England and my 26th GGF.


Top 10 (plus one) Knights in European History

William Marshal, 1st Earl of Pembroke. Served King Henry II, Queen Eleanor of Aqutaine, tutor of Henry, the Young King. As a rival, the only man to best Richard the Lionhearted, then turned ally. Supported John, saved London from the French and expelled them as Regent, under the boy King Henry III. Effigy at Temple church, London. by F.S. Lewis

William Marshall my 26th GGF (or William the Marshall) coat of arms. Character in Vampire Outlaw.

William Marshal, keeping watch over The House of Lords. (efigy at Temple Church)