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Don't be such a sour puss! Dogs' hilarious negative reactions to citrus fruit caught on camera

Pet owners placed lemons, limes and oranges in front of their dogs causing the animals to jump back in shock at the tangy taste.

Do Crabs Feel Pain? Studies show physical reactions to negative stimuli in crabs may not be an automatic response. Do critters feel pain like humans? Read More:Crabs feel pain Crabs ‘feel and remember pain’ suggests new study By: DNews.

***Pulled by Anjellicle Cats Rescue**BABE TO BE DESTROYED June 4'14 & NO SHARES! Stripes is a stray-Stripes appears to have an eye infection but is very friendly. He is the largest of his litter of 4 and is a 5th Avenue pedigree. A1000941.Male brn tabby 10 WEEKS old!/nycurgentcats/photos/a.802386849779304.1073742325.220724831278845/802386953112627/?type=3&theater

TO BE DESTROYED 5/10/14 ** Isn't Madison a pretty girl?? Do you have room in your home and heart for her tonight? Madison did not approach the front of the kennel for interaction but remains calm and relaxed in the back. Allows petting and handling and no signs of aggression ** Brooklyn Center My name is MADISON. My Animal ID # is A0997107. I am a female brn tabby domestic sh. The shelter thinks I am about 2 YEARS old. I came in the shelter as a STRAY on 04/18/2014 from NY 11208

TO BE DESTROYED 5/19/14 ** (Elsa has 3 nursing kittens with her- please help them tonight!!) Elsa interacts with the Assessor, solicits attention, is easy to handle and tolerates all petting. *Brooklyn Center My name is ELSA. My Animal ID # is A0998711. I am a female black and white domestic sh. The shelter thinks I am about 1 YEAR 6 MONTHS old. I came in the shelter as a STRAY on 05/04/2014 from NY 11433,

TO BE DESTROYED 5/8/14 ** SENIOR ALERT! Poor Skye, surrendered due to "no time", he is 13 and should be enjoying his senior years, not scared to death at a kill "shelter"! He enjoys turkey and chicken, will only drink from the running tap, and has lived with children. Please help Skye tonight! ** Manhattan Center My name is SKYE. My Animal ID # is A0998391. I am a male white and black dom mh mix. The shelter thinks I am about 13. I came in as a OWNER SUR on 05/01/2014 from NY 11211 NO…