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Ivacaftor/Lumacaftor (Orkambi)

Your reaction to this confusing headline reveals more about you than you know

ARTICLE - Why some people embrace uncertainty, and others don't. Related to class at the end. Part of being a student is learning uncertainty.

This cystic fibrosis teen has fulfilled her cheerleader dream with a difference

Diagnosed with the lung condition at 5, Ru Aimee is a cheerleader at last using an oxygen tank that she keeps in a backpack

My story of having cystic fibrosis and growing older

Noted author and neurologist Oliver Sacks, who came out earlier this year, has died of cancer at the age of 82. USA Today reports: Sacks, 82, wrote in a Times essay in February that he was in the late stages of a melanoma that had spread to his liver. He died at his home in ...

Eureka moment offers hope of cystic fibrosis cure

The parents of Stuart Gordon, who died of cystic fibrosis, have steadfastly fundraised for Dr Anil Mehta in his search for a cure - and now there is real hope for young sufferers.

'I am Alena': life as a trans woman where survival means living as Christopher

'I am Alena': life as a trans woman where survival means living as Christopher - If Caitlyn Jenner represents an elite gender transition, Alena represents those left behind. Her mother’s disapproval, the threat of violence in the deep south and a lack of medical care means she must live in a male body she considers a ‘shell’

Сон с домашними животными полезен для здоровья человека

Apergillus - sugar coating