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Vintage Bear Money Bank from Goebel

Vintage Bear Money Box from Goebel by oppning on Etsy €50

How to get the most out of the Summer Holidays

Most of us are a couple of weeks into the School Holidays now and if you’re kids are anything like mine, the novelty of lazing round the house and playing out has started to wear off. I spend the first two weeks of the holidays at work so it was up to my dad to …

RRRRRRR! WRONG!!!! When I know for a fact you want money to come to a 12 step meeting at you so called church ...... Church can be good and the building is not an issue in my mind and the big cars belongg to the dealers or the banks But 12 step for money boy you bit a bigger chunk than you can chew and you pay for play time

basic DIY $ Banks for Teaching Kids about Money We do this with bubba and fat head on my iPad... But this I a nice DIY version

Kid's Bank Book. Planning to set up a kid's bank for my sons so they can learn what banks are for and how to manage their money at an early age!

Kids’ Responsibility & Money Management Kit

What an awesome resource for teaching kids about family responsibility, earning money, saving, spending and even giving!

Love this "money Jars". 3 jars per child, One marked "spending", another marked "saving" and last but not least "Tithing". I think this would be a great way to teach kids about money management at a young age. So doing this with my kids....

Allowance Contract I know allowances are controversial, but I'm a VERY big fan with my own son (daughter's still too young) -- it really works for him. And the contract was a big part of it. He is so proud of himself when he buys the whole family ice cream. I like that this contract addresses how allowance money will be spent.

My kids' allowance gets segmented to help teach money management: 50% into Save, 40% into Spend, and 10% into Share. Click through to read my daughter's description of how we do it.