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Vintage Bear Money Bank from Goebel

Vintage Bear Money Box from Goebel by oppning on Etsy €50

As L&L are getting a little older, I feel they're ready to start learning about money.  They often get small amounts of money sent to them in holiday and birth

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Making Money As A Teenager - by Pauline Paquin

Pauline Paquin of Make Money Your Way is one of my all-time favorite money bloggers. On her blog, she talks all things entrepreneurship, investing, and making money online. That’s why she’s the perfect person to discuss how teens can make money. She has s

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OUR FAMILY BANK {Kids’ Money Management} (ReMarkable Home)

Dream Box... Vegas Style!! DIY. I made this for my upcoming trip to help myself save some cash $$$ (piggy bank, money bank, money container, money holder)

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The Conversation You Need to Have

Plan your holiday spending budget now. Get expert advice from TD Bank about the advantages of a Simple savings account, that can be used for holiday spending and saving. Read my holiday spending tips and get our free printable gift tracker #TDBANK #TDHolidayTips #ad

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Simple Tips For Saving Money Every Week

Simple tips for saving money every week!! Some great points from the lads over at #KillBiller. #savemoney #savvy #thrifty

So it's time for the little man to start making it on his own. Well a little anyway. He wanted some extra money outside of his allowance to get something at the school book fair so I asked if he had saved up any money. No. But I made a big deal out of all the extra coins I had saved up and they were in my piggy bank and he could have the money if he went with me to cash it in. Almost instantly the respect he had for money changed! With a few dollars in his hand he brushed through the snack…

Budgeting Tips for Young People Single Moms Students Low Income....This is great! 6 jars (or free basic bank accounts) to account and organize your debt & money the right way. Your bills are paid and on time. I don't use the numbers on this site, though. I use what I like to call the "10/10/5/5/70" plan. Because I go to church, my tithing comes out first, which is the 10%, then my savings acct, both my kids savings, and finally my bills. Switch it up any way you like!