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New Homes Trekker: Pre-constructions

I once stole a giant light bulb from my first job at a Fargo Park District Sports Arena. I had this very idea in mind - to hang the industrial light unadorned from the ceiling by its electrical cord. My dad told me it wouldn't work - that I'd short out th

Brentwood Residence / Belzberg Architects

Brentwood Residence / Belzberg Architects

Serafides House by VARDAstudio: Traditional Stone Exterior with an Open Contemporary Interior, Cyprus Cyprus-based architectural firm VARDAstudio has designed the Serafides House. Completed in this home in Platres, Cyprus, combines a traditional ston

Interior Design: 5 Things You Should Know

The grayscale tone to this room adds a serene peaceul feeling, the horizontal beams on the angled ceiling adds a structural addition to the overal look, however if it would be a different colour than everything else the additional height to the room would