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This video, made by me, a Norwegian, is a tribute to New York City, to the World Trade Center and the men and women who risk their lives to keep ours safe. It is a historical narrative about New York City starting in the late 19th century. Certain pictures are slightly out of chronological order, to fit with the flow of the movie. 40 Wall Street and Trump Tower are the most obvious ones of these.

Writing & Rhetoric Book 3: Narrative II

grades 4-5+ Writing and Rhetoric Book 3: Narrative II exposes students to new genres of story, including historical narrative and legend. It includes a variety of culturally important examples. All of the skills practiced in Narrative I are extended and new skill sets are introduced, including identifying the difference between fact and opinion and learning to ask the five Ws of a historical narrative: who, what, when, where, why.

Acappella Subway Singers: New York City ....These guys made the subway entrance alot more enjoyable...

Historical Narrative Resource Set

This engaging, student centered Common Core writing activity set includes a lesson on how to write a proper narrative with historical content. The narrative templates are intended to be used with a primary source of teacher choice.The lesson includes:1.

Historical Fiction Short Story Writing Project