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Longship prows. Imagine Berserkers arriving in these and raiding your town in the year 900 AD? No wonder they were one of the greatest fighting forces in history!

doesn't really look like a dragon to me. It is a terrifying image though so I can see why the Vikings included images of dragons on the front of their ships. It was a way to intimidate their opponents.

Design for Oseberg Belt by Wodenswolf on deviantART

For this design I took the first part of my earlier designed Oseberg-border and added some inch more to it. This Oseberg-style inspired stuff is probabl. Design for Oseberg Belt

Barcos Vikingos

Viking boats and ships have been known since the ancient times for their beauty and robustness. Ship design ideas from the Viking ships are still used in modern ships. Learn 10 amazing facts about Viking ships.