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Tell it, Lou.

The Last Shot

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It's crazy

its crazy how you can go months or years without talking to someone, but they still cross your mind everyday.

So sweet...

Cutesy Lovable Couple Cushions

Pillows with the first thing you say to each other the morning after the wedding.

True Friendship: I'm so glad I have a couple friends like this...I don't know what I would do without you girls/guys!

True Friendship Quote:) Qwinyara, my friend! I miss you so much! Anyways, I miss you & hope to hear from you soon ;

Um, this is all sorts of messed up, the Freudian way. So I find it HILARIOUS. Don't think about it, its stupid - but offers a good laugh to those that can appreciate it. hahahahahaha

Protect her like a daughter. Love her like a wife. Respect her life your mother.


the sad part is, once you finally let someone have you, they stop doing what it took to get you. So true, but that's life!