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cause were soring, flying, there's not a star in Heaven that we cant reach, if were trying yeah we breaking free oo. (:

(Open Rp? Need the boy) he was my best friend, it's been like that for a while but slowly we started to become more than friends. I had a boyfriend but he would let us brake up. I splashed the water at Erin, then he splashed me back... (My names Ali)

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I so did this when I snuck out of the house to see that cute guy that drove that blue ford with no bed on it!! I loved passing time by the lake!!

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Good morning Marci!!;);) Yes I slept good too but I didn't dream about you directly:( I dreamt something that I was on some party with lots of people and then I had gotten onto the roof and couldn't get off and I late for a date:( was I ever max!!!

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