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​How We Work (Out), 2015: Dick Talens's Gear and Productivity Tips

​How We Work (Out), Dick Talens's Gear and Productivity Tips

How a Calendar Actually Sabotages Your Time Management Efforts

We all struggle with time management, and we all want to know the best ways to conquer our schedules. In this video, Dan Ariely, a behavioral economics professor at Duke University and friend of Lifehacker, says the calendar definitely isn’t one of them.

I'm John Scalzi and This Is How I Work

I'm John Scalzi and This Is How I Work - all sorts of great inspiration here: writing, being creative, staying on task, and over-all just having fun with what you do

I'm Maria Sebregondi, Co-Founder of Moleskine, and This Is How I Work

How We Work, 2015: Andy Orin's Gear and Productivity Tips

Every week we ask notable people how they do what they do, and now it's our turn at the table. I'm Andy and here are my slightly embarrassing work habits and habitat. This is how I work.

How We Work (Out), 2016: Stephanie Lee's Gear and Productivity Tips

Usually we share the shortcuts, workspaces, and productivity tips of our favorite experts, but this week we’re handing the mic to the Lifehacker staff. I’m Stephanie, and here’s how I work (and work out!).

How We Work 2015: Herbert Lui’s Gear and Productivity Tips

Every week, we ask interesting people how they work. This week, it's our turn. I'm Herbert, and here are some of my favorite techniques, insights, and apps.

How I Work News, Videos, Reviews and Gossip

This is fantastic. Successful CEO's and startup business owners share their work process!

How We Work, 2016: Eric Ravenscraft's Gear and Productivity Tricks

Every week, we share cool productivity tips from our favorite experts. Today, you’re stuck with me instead. I’m Eric Ravenscraft, yes it’s my real last name, and this is how I do things like write words on the internet.