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Tough Town chronicles the misadventures of Rudolph, a divorced reindeer working unhappily as a 4th grade teacher. His hobbies include gambling, smoking, drinking and serving as a terrible role model for his son. When heʼs not driving his principal crazy, or neglecting his underperforming students, heʼs hanging out with a bizarre group of aliens down at the local bar. | Read more @

Savage Chickens by Doug Savage: Savage Chickens began on a rainy day in October 2004 when, after one too many migraines, Doug Savage scribbled two chickens on a sticky note. Almost eight years and 2000 cartoons later, Savage Chickens is now a popular website with millions of readers. Savage still draws every cartoon on yellow sticky notes, and his cartoons cover an eclectic range of topics, including: work, psychology, arachnophobia, pop culture, cats, time travel, love, zombies, and more.

Family Tree by Signe Wilkinson | | #comics #family #humor | © Signe Wilkinson

Mulligan by Pete McEachen: When Mulligan first arrived at Sunset Estates Nursing Home, he brought himself and his unusual life and memories. He’s a man reveling in the memories of his life’s adventure. You could say he’s taking a trip down memory lane, but those at Sunset Estates know know he’s taking a mulligan. Mulligan is a strip about a dreamer coming to the end of his dream life. More info:

You Can with Beakman and Jax by Jok Church: uCan answers real questions from real kids in the voice of twins, Beakman and Jax. The questions are often answered with “Stuff To Do” — physical procedures that offer readers a second path understanding. What one needs, what one should do, what to notice and what’s going on and the usual steps in “Stuff To Do.” Read more @

As much of the comic world knows, nominations for the Will Eisner Comic Industry #Awards, commonly known as the Eisner Awards, were announced this week. It is with great pleasure and pride that we congratulate three talented #GoComics cartoonists on their nominations! | Read more @ | #comics

Bad Machinery tells the stories of three schoolgirl sleuths and three schoolboy investigators attending Griswalds Grammar School in Tackleford, UK. While not exactly enemies, a mixture of pride, mistrust and stubbornness keep them at odds. ... Read more @ | #GoComics #comics #webcomic

Meet the Ardins! They're the stars of Edge City, a nationally syndicated, groundbreaking comic strip about a hip, Jewish-American family juggling relationships, careers and tradition at the fast pace of modern life. ... Read more @ | #GoComics #comics #webcomic

Scenes From A Multiverse is an interdimensional look at everyday life in an ordinary multiverse. Each day we travel to a new location and discover both the strange and the strangely familiar. SFAM received the National Cartoonists Society divisional award for Online Comic Strips in 2011, the first time the award was given. | Read more @

Snowflakes takes place in the worlds of imagination shared by a group of young orphans, somewhere high in the snow­capped Andes. Snowflakes is the story of that imagination running amok, growing into strange adventures, political intrigue, and a battle between the factions within and without. | Read more @