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Kitty with claws

Here kitty kitty. This is a black cat thing; raising the paw like this.

Funny cats today

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Lil' Wee is not angry; he's just really disappointed in your failure to remember to buy cat food. ~~ Houston Foodlovers Book Club

I love this beautiful black cat. He's adorable and sweet, while at the same time being beautiful and mysterious. I love cats, but black cats are the best!

Cat Rules!! I want this hanging in the apartment

Our House Cat Rules. These are the rules. This cat rules the house. And this cat rules!


24 Cats That Are So Single Right Now

Involuntary Pilates-knee jerk reaction to forced/court ordered exercise without consent. I'm livid! Stare at the face of resistance!


Proof Cats Are Highly Trained C.I.A. Agents

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